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NOTE: For registration of the paper and payment of the applicable fees please refer to the below table and follow the instructions below.

Registration Fees


On or before 15 Nov 2022

After 15 Nov 2022

Indian Student (UG/PG/PhD(Full Time))



Indian Academician



Indian Industrial Authors



Foreign Student (UG/PG/PhD(Full Time))



Foreign Academician/ Industrial Authors



Extra Page Charge (For more than 8 Pages): India Author



Extra Page Charge (For more than 8 Pages):Foreign Author




The authors can present their paper through virtual mode (limited) and physical presentation. The registration fees will remain same for both. For authors, one regular registration covers one accepted paper.

A single physical conference registration includes the access to the following:

  • All ICCDN conference sessions (December 16-17)
  • Access to online portal to access live talks
  • Refreshments and lunch (December 16-17)
  • Conference dinner
  • Conference kit containing bag and stationery items
  • Conference Certificate (Hard copy)

In case author chose ‘Virtual Mode’ for presentation

  • Access to online portal to access live talks
  • Conference e-Certificate
  • For Student (UG/PG/PhD(Full Time))
  • During registration, participants have to upload proof for full time studentship.

Registration Instructions:

As per the conference policy, at least one author of the accepted paper be registered for the conference, which is already open. 

Please note: After payment, [mail-to: iccdn.ece@smit.smu.edu.in] with the following documents 

All the documents to be sent in a *.zip file with the name as per paper ID: ICCDN-2021_[*PAPER-ID*] 

  1. Name of the zip fileICCDN-2021_ [*PAPER-ID*]  
  2. Name of the Copyright FormCopyright- ICCDN-2021_[*PAPER-ID*] 
  3. Name of the Registration FormRegistration- ICCDN-2021_[*PAPER-ID*] 
  4. Proof of registration PaymentPayment- ICCDN-2021_[*PAPER-ID*]       
  5. Camera Ready paper both in *.doc and *.pdf format.

 As  Copyright transfer, authors are requested to submit the duly signed form ‘BOOK CONTRIBUTOR (Download from the below download section)’  [Must for all submission

In the case of third-party material, authors are requested to submit the duly signed form ‘Permission Request Form (Springer)’ [required as applicable

(Kindly mention the Paper-ID in the proof of registration) 

checkbox, checked, check

Now you have succesfully completed the payment

Now kindly download all the forms below and send them via mail on :iccdn.ece@smit.smu.edu.in

Download section